Me, Myself and I… And Now You

Hello you!

Now you may wonder what kinda blog you’ve stumbled upon – well to be honest I haven’t even quite figured it out myself yet. But what I do know is that I am a girl and there’s a 50 % chance that so are you. I’m 20 years old so I am in that awkward state between being a girl or a woman, a kid or a grown up, immature or mature.

That is only two very basic facts about me and you can most likely already relate to me in some way. I am just like you. I am mostly a happy girl with good friends, a loving family and a somewhat exciting life (at least I would like to think that I have). But I am also a girl who struggles with problems, stress and the pressure of becoming the person I am ment to be before I even know who that person is.

I will share my life with you for the good and the bad. I will share my passion for food, social medias and traveling, my love for music and my biggest fears and my deepest thoughts with you guys. A whole new chapter begins in my life in just one month.

Join my journey, you might enjoy it! I’m quite funny you know.

Until next time,
Tess xx 




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