What To Do When You’re Hungover

Being (almost) 21, a high school graduate and basically just a normal Danish teenager* I’ve had my fair share of drunken nights. Therefore I also know how it feels waking up the morning after with bruises you can’t remember where’s from, receipts from places you didn’t know you went and a gigantic headache to top it off with.

Writing this, I am currently on the train on my way home from the reunion with my backpacking friends aaaand feeling a bit hungover so I thought – why not make a “what to do when hungover” post? So here’s what I like to do, eat and drink after a night out.

1. Drink lots of water. As ridiculous as it sounds your body gets dehydrated when you drink alcohol so it needs fluid the next day preferably water.

2. Eat salty foods. This is the part where I always drive by MacDonald’s or the nearest kebab place to get my junk food fix.

3. Watch movies, listen to music, read a magazine.

4. Catch up on your favourite tv-shows. I recommend Pretty Little Liars, Friends, Sex and the City or other girly shows. Something you can just switch your brain off to.

5. Spend hours on YouTube watching funny compilations, DIY guides, tutorials or whatever or whoever you enjoy watching. Take a look at My Favorite YouTubers post for inspiration.

6. Sleep. Nothing beats a hangover like sleeping.

7. Call a friend and talk about what happened last night. Shit always goes down on a night out: who kissed who? Who cried in the bathroom and who drank way too much and was home in bed before midnight? Post night out gossip is mandatory!

8. Have a pamper night! Take a shower (a shower makes you feel much better no matter what), do your nails, do a full face cleaning routine thing and just take care of your body. It had a rough night remember.

9.  Write a blog post!

10. Check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to see pictures from the night before or post your own memories! Remember to send a little ‘thanks for last night, how are you feeling?’ text to your friends. They are probably feeling just as bad as you and it’s just a nice thought.

11. Last month but not least. Do absolutely nothing. Feel sorry for yourself if that’s how you feel. If you wanna lay on the couch all day with the remote in one hand and an ice cold whatever in the other is totally fine. It’s your own time and if you crave it it’s probably because your body needs it.


 What do you prefer doing after a night out?

Tess xx

*FYI It’s legal to drink in Denmark when you turn 16. 


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