‘Procrastination’ Should Be My Middle Name

An unpacked weekend bag, dirty dishes, folded clean clothes on my table, a big sack of old clothes waiting to be organized and so. much. more. crap. just waiting to be done. And what do I do? I sit on my couch just hoping it all will magically fix it self (spoiler alert – it never does). So here is some of the stuff I need to do sooner or later.

Clean my room
Remove some stuff to make it look like I cleaned it

Remove mysterious stain on the carpet
Looks at it and wonder where it came from

Make a folder with my important papers
Pretend like the papers doesn’t exist 

Update my memory thingy and move everything from my old computer to the new one
Goes to sort out all the pictures, finds a cute one from a holiday 4 years ago, decides to go post it on Instagram and then we all know how it escalates from here.

Put my high school computer up for sale
“Okay, what’s the product name, let me see… Oh I got a text, I’ll just check it”. 4 hours later I still haven’t found the product name. 

Order travel card for university
Spends a million hours on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, and every other website possible

Put clean clothes back in the closet
Wears it during the week so it becomes laundry instead.  

Lol like that is ever gonna happen. 

Sort my life out
Gets up and make a sandwich.

Just the bare thought of knowing all of these things are just waiting for ME to do it – not my mom, my friends or my neighbors – can make me go all like ‘nope I don’t care if I have been home for a week and still not unpacked, THERE’S A NEW EPISODE OF GLEE AIRING TONIGHT AND THE BAG CAN WAIT.

I have plenty of reasons and excuses not to do stuff but these are some of my favorites.

1. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Like finding an example to sustain this point.

2. There’s more fun stuff to do. Everything is more fun than something that just has to be done. If it was fun – I would already have done it, duh.

3. Not close enough to the deadline. Oh, this is me. Desperation gets me to do all sorts of things I have put off. A room has never been cleaned faster than the day we had guests coming over 5 minutes later.

4. It’ll just need to be done again, anyway. I have never ever EVER understood the people who makes their bed every single day. Like, why? What’s the point of it if you are just gonna undo it 12 hours later. My bed will be undone till the day I die.

5. Just don’t feel like it. Like who actually wants to do the dishes?

6. Can’t get my mind around how to do it. Imagine my scenario with the important papers. It may sound simple but oh no it’s not. See I have to collect every important paper in the house, old files, envelopes and wherever those little suckers can hide themselves. Then I have to find an empty folder and put every paper in it but oh no not every paper has holes in it, so now I have to find my hole puncher in one of my completely stuffed drawers in my desk and that just makes an even bigger mess. Nope too much work, I can’t wrap my head around it. I’ll do it tomorrow.

7. Can’t come up with enough good reasons to do it. Let’s take the bed-making example again, shall we. If I make my bed in the morning, it will look nicer. To who? I’ll be the only one seeing my made bed, and that won’t impress me. You see? Not a good enough reason.

8. It can wait. Unless your house is on fire or your train is leaving in 3,2 seconds it can wait.

9. If you wait long enough, someone will do it for you. In my case that ‘someone’ is usually my mom when she gets tired of watching my so called unorganized mess of a room. Excuse me but haven’t you heard of organized mess?

10. Stubbornness. Unless you are paying me to do stuff I don’t wanna do, don’t boss me around and tell me to clean my room or empty my bags if I don’t feel like it. MY room, MY bags, MY choice.

If you have used these excuses or have other ones you’d like to share, please comment down below and let me know – I can’t be the only one! 

Tess xx



7 thoughts on “‘Procrastination’ Should Be My Middle Name

  1. I think stubbornness is my number one reason for never getting such done, it doesn’t help that I married someone just as stubborn as me so it’s like a kick in the butt to get anything done! It’s always i’ll do it tomorrow, which always turns out to be a week later!

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  2. Oh man, this is so me! Not only does procrastination rear her ugly head, ADD also likes to strike. I put things off..AND get distracted by other things. Vicious cycle! I find doing things in very small doses helps, though.


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