Necessities In Your Bag│How To Succeed as a Student

The key to succeeding is keeping your head in the game and you can’t do that if you don’t have your things sorted out.
Therefore I now give you my tips for stuff you need to have and what’s nice to have

Need to have

♦ An up to date computer

What you need is a 11-15″ light weight computer with a long lasting battery and most importantly every program you need for your classes. Beware that some schools require certain programs or a specific version like the 2013 edition of Office.

As I have to spend more than an hour getting to my university it was very important to me to have a handy laptop so I have recently purchased this 13,3″ Lenovo Ultrabook U330 Touch with Windows 8.

The battery last for 4-6 hours of constant use and only weighs 1,7 kg.
But the thing I am most excited about (other than it looks like a Macbook) is the fact that it has a TOUCH SCREEN! How cool is that?! Getting a laptop with touch screen is a smart move as it is the future in computer world.

 Quality writing essentials 

When we actually do need to use our hand writing it is so much easier and comfortable when you have quality pens and pencils.

  1. Two-three ballpoint pens (preferably at least one black and one blue)
  2. One-three pencils (I prefer mechanical ones to be a lot easier to write with and I don’t need a sharpener for them)
  3. Highlighters in various colors (yellow and green are my go to choices every time as I find the others being to dark)
  4. An eraser
  5. A sharpener

♦ Organization stuff

If you don’t have your papers organized you might as well give up. Okay maybe that was a bit exaggerated but you get the point.  Having everything in it’s right place makes it so much easier as you don’t have to worry about having your homework assignment all wrinkled up at the bottom of your bag or losing it.

An organized bag keeps an organized mind!

  1. A few spiral bound notebooks for all your brilliant notes and ideas
  2. Folders for as many subjects, classes or whatever you feel like needs to be organized and separated from the rest. (I use these because I find them a lot easier to have with me on the go rather than three ring binders)

3. Three ring binder(s)You do actually need these but unless you have a locker at school keep them at home and use them for papers, old assignments, notes and stuff you don’t need to bring with you. They will help you when it comes preparing for exams!

4. Binder dividers

5. Post-it notes

6. Sticky notes and flags (Many bookstores will allow students to sell back books that haven’t been written in or highlighted; use these tools to mark important passages and make notes in books without writing in them!)

7. A calender or planner for keeping tracks of appointments, dates and assignments. I like to have it as a calender instead of using my phone or tablet as I use those for work and personal things

8. A memory card for backing up copies of your work. Very very important.

A good sturdy sized bag for all your things. Make sure it fits you perfectly and doesn’t give you backaches after carrying it around all day.

 Nice to have

♦ Three-hole puncher

♦ Scotch tape

♦ Stapler

♦ Scissors (It’s smart to buy one large pair and one smaller, craft size pair)

♦ Ruler with English and metric measurements

♦ Correction fluid or tape

♦ Sharpies

♦ Calculator (check class requirements before investing in an expensive one. Graphing calculators, for example, are required in many college math and science classes)

♦ Dictionary or a book of terms within the area you’re studying


That’s it for my guide on what every student should have to make every day a little bit easier 

Is there anything you just can’t live without when it comes to studying? 

Something I have forgotten? 

Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading

Tess xx 


4 thoughts on “Necessities In Your Bag│How To Succeed as a Student

  1. It’s weird the change, even I first went to university back in 2005 rarely anyone had their own laptop granted that had all changed by my 4th year. Funny how it can all change so quickly. Agree with you on the notebooks – can never have too many.


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