Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Today is the very last day of the summer of 2014. That’s insane. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone and how much has happened in my life in just three months. I have been to concerts, went to France, cooked a lot, chilled with friends and eaten an insanely amount of delicious frozen yogurt and spend hours and hours watching my favorite YouTubers.  

In June my summer had a kick ass start in Sri Lanka where I went backpacking from April to June. When I came home on June 12th I had just about four days to chill and see my family before two of the biggest highlights this summer (and year to be honest): Seeing One Direction on their Where We Are Tour two nights in a row. (Drooling just by thought of it –hot hot hot)




July began with 10 days in Southern France and Paris with my family whom I’ve missed so much during my trip. When I came back I went to see Backstreet Boys live with my mom. Seeing all these 40+ women going crazy fangirling was like seeing me and my friends in 20 years time at a One Direction concert. Fangirl forever and always!

Brignoles, Paris, France, Frankring, Summer, Holiday, Girl

July was a month filled with ups and downs; despite all the bad that happened something really amazing did happen as well. I GOT ACCEPTED INTO UNIVERSITY! Not only did I but my best friends did as well. Felt so lucky.

August has been a very hectic month. Balancing a crazy working schedule with a two days reunion half way across the country to see my backpacking friends, my 21st birthday, helping my bff move AND starting university has been insane. Somehow I’m glad it’s over and September is starting tomorrow which by the way also happens to be the first real day as a grown up university student. It’s so hard to comprehend to be completely honest. I’m scared I will fall back into old patterns but hopefully I will rise to the occasion and make the most of it! I’m certainly determined to do my best! 


Last but not least something very cool happened this summer. My blog. I created Simply Being Young in the middle of July because I felt like I had something to share with the world. It may not be the best, most inspirational, funniest or whatever you want a blog to be but it is mine. I am just an ordinary girl trying to find my way and so far this blog has worked out pretty well! I am very proud of what I have accomplished and I’m committed to keep this blog growing. Who knows where it will take me one day? So to every single reader no matter if you’ve been here since the beginning or this is the first post you’ve read –Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Lots of love, 

Tess Cute Signature Handwritten


What has been your favorite part of the summer?






3 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

  1. I think it’s awesome that you’ve only had it since July!!! I need to go to more gigs and concerts I haven’t been in years and I want to go to france too, basically i am just jealous hahah xxx


    • I know nothing better than going to concerts, it’s one of the times where I really feel like I’m living you know. It’s hard to explain.. France is beautiful, you should go someday! Paris especially is amazing 🙂

      I’ve had a lovely summer but I’m sure you’ve done stuff I would be jealous of too! xx


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