It’s In The Little Things

I am guilty. Guilty in forgetting what matters in life. Guilty in worrying too much about my future, spending to much time complaining about homework, work or a delayed train. Guilty in being annoyed when something doesn’t quite go my way and not realizing and appreciating what I have.  I don’t want to be that person.

When I was a kid just the thought of being an adult was something I couldn’t really wrap my head around. It felt like it was a lifetime away but look at me now; I am 21 years old, about to move out all on my own and I have just started university. I am closer to 30 than 10 and frankly that scares the shit out of me. Life has so much to offer and I sometimes it feels like I’m just wasting days by doing nothing instead of trying to LIVE. But no more. little things

We need to start appreciating what and who we have in our lives. Tragedy happens in a blink of an eye and before you know it someone you love is gone forever. Not only do we need to appreciate more but we also need to realize and notice the details. Yes your train was delayed but did you notice the little happy boy jumping in his father arms on the opposite side of the tracks? Did you notice they played your favorite song on the radio on the way home and did you notice the amount of work your mom had put into dinner? Maybe you did but realistically you didn’t.

So today I will remember the fun time I had with my mom trying to help coming up with a costume, I will remember laughing with my best friend over the fact my teacher used the word ‘fishy’ six times during his lecture. I will remember the warm autumn sun and how much I appreciate playing with Percy out in the fields before spending the evening on the couch with a good movie, chocolate cake and the company of my parents.

It’s the little things that make just another Wednesday into something special.

I hope you all had a lovely day no matter if something extraordinary happened or the day was like so many others. Something did make you smile and that’s the most important thing x

Lots of love

Tess Cute Signature Handwritten

P.s. today I hit a 1000 views on Simply Being Young and I beat my most-views record. Thank you ♥










4 thoughts on “It’s In The Little Things

  1. Such a lovely, positive post. About 4 years ago now I became quite poorly, and since then my life has never been the same. I can’t do a lot of things and it has really shown me how many things I took for granted before, and things I didn’t really appreciate. It has made me appreciate the little things, from being able to get dressed in the morning, to being able to make my own lunch, to the people in my life and all they do for me. The little things in life really do mean the most. Congrats on your new personal view record too!



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