The Autumn Tag

Tomorrow it’s October 1st and that means we are just as close to Winter as we are to the Summer that’s over. Seriously where did 2014 go? This year has just flown by and now there’s only three months left. Luckily I don’t mind Autumn at all so I thought why not do a little tag? Feel free to do it too if you want! Send me your links in the comments I would love to read them xx

Favorite thing about Autumn?

Denmark becomes the most beautiful place during Autumn so I really love going for a walk in the forest when it’s warm and sunny. On rainy cold days the best thing is to cuddle up with a blanket, a book, my laptop or watching something good on TV and just enjoying being able to do exactly what I want to do.

Worst thing about Autumn?

When it’s cold, windy and rainy and I have to leave my house. Not a fan.

Favorite movie or show?

Don’t think I really have a favorite Autumn movie but for some reason I do love during colder times to cuddle up and watch more serious movies like The Help or Hunger Games or even doing a Harry Potter marathon! When it comes to TV-shows my newest obsessions is Faking It! Reminds me a lot of Awkward (another all time fave) and I just really like the twist.

Favorite drink?

The amount of judgmental looks I’ve received when telling people I don’t like drinking hot beverages is ridiculous (I have never had a cup of tea, coffee or chocolate in my life). However I do love drinking cold cocoa and that’s usually my go to drink when I’m home and need a treat.

Favorite scent?

Let’s just get something straight. I. HATE. SCENTED. CANDLES.
Doesn’t matter what scent it has I just can’t stand the artificial smell. However I do love the smell of a burning fire or freshly homemade bake goods.  

Autumn treat?

Cake. Cocoa. Chocolate. Combine those three things and I will love you forever.

Favorite place to be?

At home on my couch or at my parents’s house. Basically if it involves something cozy, delicious and a couch I’m there.

Favorite nail polish?

I have always been kinda afraid of the darker shades but this year I have been in love with Essie’s Island Hopping. It’s so pretty and it’s the perfect dusty pinkish shade. Not too dark not too bright. Generally loving the gold, pink, grey and brown shades. The same with eye shadows.

I told you it was beautiful didn’t I?

I hope everyone have had a lovely Autumn so far and that the rest of 2014 will be good to you xx

Lots of love

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5 thoughts on “The Autumn Tag

    • Doesn’t it!? 😀 I love those kind of days. I am such a sucker for chill and cozy days 🙂
      The woods are so beautiful during Autumn so I completely agree with you on that one!

      Tess xx


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