5 Tips on How To Study Smart

Do you ever find yourself in the situation where you should be studying really hard but somehow always end up doing basically everything else?

Well then you are like me. Ever since uni started I have been struggling to keep up with my homework. It’s not that I don’t have the time to do it as I only have lectures two times a week for two hours (insert really happy face) and I don’t have that many hours at work either. I am just too lazy to be bothered to actually get shit done. It had to be said. The first step to solving your problem is admitting you have one, right?

SO as I have my first two exams in just two weeks (omg) I have decided to finally pull myself together and start using my days off to actually study starting today. I am currently sitting in my local library where I’ve been the past 3 hours and I have done nothing but my course work! I am actually really proud of myself.

I decided (before I go back to my homework) to whip together a few of my favorite tips to make studying easier and much more enjoyable. Hope it helps you!


If you have loads of studying to do it can seem very overwhelming and unmanageable and might even discourage you from actually getting started.  What I do is to list everything I need to do and I categorize in priorities and what kind of homework. It could look something like this (this is actually my to do list today – then you can see what I have to deal with on a regular basis haha):

To read:

  • Chapter 10-11 in….
  • Summary of chapter 1, 3, 6 in …..
  • Science and Philosophy homework page…
  • Humanities homework page…

To write:

  • Essay for the seminar next week
  • Corrections for our project
  • Summary of chapter 10-11


Make sure you study somewhere you can concentrate without distractions. For example I suck a studying at home because it’s way too easy for me to turn on the TV or go on Facebook instead of reading.

You need to go to a place that’s either a place without the distractions you normally give in too. If you are like me who ends up doing anything else on your computer but studying go somewhere where you don’t want people to see you watching fail compilations on YouTube or funny pictures on Tumblr.

Are you the type of person who ends up spending more time running between your fridge and your computer than studying go somewhere where there’s no food.

Don’t like people or noises around you? Go somewhere where you can be completely on your own.

This may sound obvious to some but often we don’t even realize what keeps us from doing our work before having it black on white.


It is scientifically proven that we learn the best when our physical needs are taken care of. Have a good meal before studying and have some healthy snacks and water around you to keep your bloodsucker stable.


After all this brain exercise you need a break. I usually work for about an hour and then have anywhere between 5-30 minutes of break depending on how I feel.

If you are on a roll and your creative juices are flowing (what a lovely expression) then forget about the breaks and just go go go! At some point you will find yourself losing concentration and you start to make spelling mistakes and other bits and bobs you usually don’t do and this is the moment where you need to step away from your computer or whatever you’re doing and do something else.

Get some food, have a drink, check your notifications on Facebook or watch an episode of Friends. Listen to your body and your mind — it will tell you exactly what it needs.


  • Are you the type of student who likes to have music in the background or complete silence?
  • Do you prefer writing notes during or after you’ve read a text?
  • How long do you need to finish a text or assignment? Do you read/type quickly or slowly?
  • Do you wish to have someone near you who can help you when you’re stuck or having questions?
  • Are you a laptop or hand writing person?
  • Do you want access to internet all the time or none at all?
  • Do you learn better studying alone, with a friend or in a group?
  • Are you most concentrated and motivated during the day or at the night time?
  • Do you work best at a desk or in your bed?
  • Do you prefer being done in advance or working under pressure?

tips for studying, Studying definitions

These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before to find out what’s just right for you.

If we take me for example:

I ready very quickly and I know I don’t need much time to read and understand a text. If I do write down notes it’s always whilst reading and on my computer. I need silence but not complete silence. I never listen to music whilst studying because it distracts me (especially if it songs I know the lyrics to). I work best on my own or with just one next to me and that person HAS to be on my level. I need all time access to the internet and I need to have breaks ever so often. For example I have just written this whole post in go and I can feel my brain is getting fried and I’m having a harder time concentrating. I work best under pressure but I don’t like to be stressed.

I know all of this based on experience and it has taken me quite some time to figure out – but that doesn’t mean it has to take a lot of time for you!

Thanks for reading – I hope you found my five tips for better and smarter studying useful!

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How do you study best? Let me knoooooow.

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The Self Love Tag l

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I admit it.. I am not the most self loving person in the world. There’s things I like about myself and things I really don’t like so when the lovely  Danielle from Underland to Wonderland tagged me to do The Self Love Tag I was honestly a bit anxious about it. But I thought.. Who knows? I might learn something from it.

The tag is 20 questions so I’ve split it up in two posts. Hope you enjoy 🙂 x

1 // What does self-love mean to you?

Being comfortable in your own skin I guess but most important be proud of who you are as a person.

2 // What is you favorite way to pamper yourself?

Whenever I have a rough day or just need something to cheer me up I usually go out with a friend for a treat or go shopping for something I’ve wanted for a long time. What can I say food and clothes are my guilty pleasures.

However if I don’t feel like going out I love staying home and cuddle up with some treats and just spend hours online or watching my fave movies or YouTubers and just kinda ignore the real world just for a second.

3 // What are your three favorite hobbies/pastime that make your soul feel on fire?

See I have rewritten this answer many times. First I made a funny comment about the fact it says ‘make your soul feel on fire’ because you know.. lol. And then I wrote some random pastimes just because I couldn’t figure out what the question actually meant. But now I actually think I know the answer.

If there are three things that make me feel like I am living it’s traveling, going to concerts and being spontaneous.

4 // What movie always puts you in a good mode when you’re not in the greatest mood?

I am more the TV-show kinda girl so Friends, Faking It, Sex and the City.

5 // Who do you trust so much that you would easily believe in anything and everything they said?

My parents.

6 // What quote totally motivates you?

“How will you know if you never even try?”
I did a post about my favorite quotes and sayings not long ago if you want to have a look x

7 // When was the last time you took yourself on a date? What did you do?

As I work in a mall I have gotten a lot better at shopping by myself so a few weeks ago I went out and bought different stuff for my apartment and a bag for school. Love love love it.

self love, girl, bag, eyes

8 // What make-up or beauty products makes you feel like a million bucks?

My MAC bronzer and eye brow pencil and my fave nail polish from Essie.

9 // What is the last thing you did for someone else that made you feel amazing?

I honestly don’t know.

10 // Do you feel comfortable with and without make-up on?

I am not afraid of people seeing me without makeup on but I do feel more comfortable and confident with makeup on. I would never go to school or work without at least mascara but I don’t care if I’m just going for a walk or going grocery shopping. I don’t really care about what people think about me it’s more about how I feel about myself.

So that’s it for the first part guys – hope you liked it 🙂 x
I am nominating the lovely
Marie from http://www.fascinationbeauty.com
Hazel from http://www.hazeljane.co.uk
Misha from http://www.mishakhan.com
Jessica from http://blondeofcarbs.com/
India from http://touchscreensandbeautyqueens.com/
to do The Self Love Tag with me because
no matter who you are and what kind of blogger you are
you gotta have self love x


Lots of love xx

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When Your Friend Loses A Loved One

“A friend gives hope when life is low. A friend is a place when you have nowhere to go. A friend is honest, a friend is true. A friend is precious, a friend is you”
– unknown

We’ve all been there –losing someone we love. I have a few times and each and every single time it has been completely heartbreaking. But what do you do when you aren’t the one who loses someone? What if that person who just have had their world completely turned upside down is your friend?

I didn’t know when I was in that situation and to be honest I still don’t know for sure. All I know is that these past three months I had to watch my best friend going through the worst time of her life. It killed me every single day seeing her so unhappy and knowing I couldn’t say anything or do anything to make it better. All I could do was and still is to be there when she needs me to. I have spent so many hours talking with our mutual friend and my mom about it because even though it isn’t you who’s losing someone it still affects you deeply. Make sure you take care of yourself as well as your friend.You never know how strong you are...-0Auntil being strong is the only choice you have

One of the things I have learned is how important it is to talk about it. Don’t pretend it’s not happening and by all means do not make it taboo. In my case my friend’s mom was very ill and everything went very quickly – quicker than anyone could ever imagined. Each week something new had happened and as things got worse I felt more and more useless. What do you say, what do you do?

I am so grateful I don’t understand 100 % of what she’s going through but I do know how it is to lose someone due to illness. I know how hard it is to be the closest family and to watch someone you love more than anyone in the world disappear in front of your eyes. So I used that. Another thing I did was to make sure she didn’t miss anything at school. I went to every lecture and sent her all of my notes. She’s the type of person that
gets stressed very easily when it comes to school and exams so if I could help her worry less about that I would at least feel like I did some good.

There’s the kind of support we ask for, the kind we don’t ask for and the kind that just shows up. In sad times some people have a hard time reaching out so make sure you are there for them even if they don’t ask you. Call them, text them, tell them you love them and be ready to drop everything and show up at their door with a box of tissues, comfort food and a shoulder to cry on. Hug them, be with them and go to the funeral if you can. Just be there. 

It’s in the worst times we discover who our true friends really are.

I know you are reading this C – I love you and I’m here for you ♥

I am sorry for the lack of post these past few weeks but I have as you’ve read had a lot on my plate. I’ve had  a lot of ideas and made many drafts but I just haven’t seemed to be able to actually finish a post. Tonight I figured out why –I can’t write if I have something on my chest.

This blog is for the world to see, but it’s also a place for me to express my thoughts and deal with everything – good or bad – in my life.

Thank you for reading ♥

Have you ever been in my situation? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Would love to hear from you x

Lots of love

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Words of Wisdom

quotes sayings life perfect

I am an absolute sucker for sayings, lyrics and quotes and over the years I have collected quite a few favorites. They inspire me to keep on going when I want to stop, they teach me that I’m not alone and I that I am perfect just the way I am. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do xx

Everything happens for a reason

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have

Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect – it means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections

How will you know if you never even try?

We were born to be real not to be perfect

The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough

We must take adventure in order to know where we truly belong

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Being single doesn’t mean you’re weak – it means you are brave enough to wait for what you deserve

Never let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life

After a hurricane comes a rainbow

If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough

If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you

These are just some of my many favorites! I have put together a whole board full of words of wisdom on my Pinterest if you want to have a look xx

Lots of love

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Does Heaven Exist?

I am pretty sure everyone has experienced something they can’t quite explain. Maybe your radio has turned on by itself or you’ve heard strange unfamiliar noises . Maybe you are like me and once in a while feel like someone is watching you even though you are all alone.

I am not a spiritual or religious person at all but I do believe that there is something out there.

Since I lost my grandfather two years ago I have had these unexplainable experiences. Especially around the time he passed and the months that followed it was basically a daily thing. I think it was about two or three days after his pass I had this dream where he was surrounded by a bright light, smiling at me and looking like his young and happy self. I remember thinking that it wasn’t just a coincidence. There was no doubt in my mind that this was his way of saying goodbye and assuring me he was okay –that he wasn’t suffering anymore and he felt happy again.

That dream helped me get by in one of the worst times in my life.

In the time that followed I felt his presence on several occasions. When I was sat at my desk I could suddenly smell him, I could feel someone standing right behind me when I was cooking and whenever I randomly thought about him a white butterfly would fly by.

Maybe it was just my brain messing with me showing me things I wished to see and made me feel things I wished to feel to help me get by. It’s possible I can’t deny that I just don’t believe that’s the case. Even if it is I don’t care. It made me feel he hadn’t left us completely and was watching over me keeping me safe and sound.

Today two years later I don’t feel his presence as clearly or often anymore but whenever I see a white butterfly flying by I think of him and smile like I know he would have wanted me to.

Lots of love

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Have you ever had a supernatural experience? Something you just couldn’t explain?