Getting Ready For Christmas

christmas ornament pretty decorations

Eeek! Tomorrow is December 1st and I’m so excited! Can’t believe it’s already here – where did the year go!?

I’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit by making decorations with my mom, eating tons of treats, listening to Christmas songs and I also put some really cute lights up in my apartment. It’s so pretty and festive I am never taking it down. You can’t make me.


Tomorrow I will lit my Christmas calender candle (I have absolutely no clue about what it’s actually called in English or if you even have a word for it. As the matter of fact I don’t even know if you have those kind of candles elsewhere). I will open my advert chocolate calender (who cares I’m a 21 year old living on her own. I need and want a chocolate calender) and dance around singing along to my Christmas playlist before heading of to uni for a project meet up with my group.

Another really cool thing about tomorrow is that I’ve been working in the shop for exactly 5 years! That’s insane. Just shows amazing colleagues is the key to a happy working environment. So grateful for it and them.

Okay back to the Christmas things. I’ve made a Christmas Pinterest board with eeeeeverything christmassy so if you wanna have a look here it is 🙂 I also did a post about different present ideas for women. Hope you like it!

Christmas pinterest ideas board decorations ideas

I have so many exciting things happening in December and I will definitely take you along with me. It will involve loads of baking, cooking, shopping, decorations and lots and lots of other stuff. I just love this time of year xx

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas? xx 

Lots of love

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if your dreams dont scare they arent big enough

It’s currently 01.39 am and I can’t sleep. The past few weeks I’ve been seriously struggling to fall asleep and it might have something to do with the millions of thoughts running through my head.

The past 10 days I spent writing my first two exams in university which was exhausting, nerve wracking and to be honest really hard. Writing a six page essay in a course you’ve only had for two and half months isn’t very easy and it was also the first time I’ve actually had to write an essay since I graduated high school in 2012 let alone write an university standard essay. And oh yeah I had to do it TWICE in ten days. Twice people!

It’s crazy how easy it is to fail these types of exams. If you forget to number the pages then boom that’s it. F A I L. Please tell me I’m not the only one finding this to be a bit ridiculous?I won’t get the answers for whether I’ve passed or not until late December so that’s awesome. Happy December to me then. Woo.

On a happier note I got a new phone! (Let’s ignore the fact I got it because I dropped my old one in the toilet last week).

Oh yeah I went to watch the new Hunger Games Mockingjay at the midnight premiere which was a lot fun. Eating tons of candy and popcorn in the middle of the night probably wasn’t the best decision as I fell asleep at like 4am but the movie was really good! I highly recommend it.

Tomorrow is the annual Christmas party at work which should be a lot of fun. 30 girls, cocktails and live music sounds like a good combo, right?

What else is new… Oh yeah I’ve spent like 30 hours per day (yes that’s possible) listening to the new One Direction album FOUR. It’s incredible, you are definitely missing out if you don’t at least give it a listen. My fave tracks are Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Ready To Run, Night Changes and Fools Gold. Btw the Night Changes music video killed me.

So that’s a bit of a late night ramble for you guys. It’s now 01.58 am and I will try to get some sleep.

Love you lots
Tess xx

Life Happened

Hi peeps x

I don’t know if any of you have noticed but I have been pretty absent on here and on my other social medias the past few weeks and I thought I’d let you know why.

Last week my dad got very ill and went back and forth to the hospital but was just sent him home with the flue. Thursday it culminated and he had to be admitted to the hospital because he was in so much pain. I rushed home from uni to help my mom deal with everything and to go visit my dad. It was horrible seeing him so weak and helpless.. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong which just made us worry even more that it was something far more serious than a flue.

However the doctors found out he had pneumonia but that didn’t explain the severe pains he had in legs and arms. In the meantime I moved back home to help out in the house and to support my mom. Sunday morning as I was getting ready to go to work my grandma called my mom saying she felt really ill and we had to call 911.

I called off work and my mom and I rushed to get home to my grandma. Luckily she was okay by the time paramedics came but they still wanted to take her to the hospital to get checked out. I got to go along in the ambulance and had a very nice chat with the paramedic. We talked a lot about my dad and his situation and he gave his point of view. It was really comforting talking to him as he told me things the doctors at the hospital didn’t. I know it was just thoughts and theories but it made me feel less stressed and worried. So thumbs up for the nice paramedic.

So there we were – my dad in one hospital and my grandma in another.

As my mom and I left the hospital to go see my dad I got the best text I’ve probably ever gotten – “When you come to visit me it’s to pick me up and bring me home”. I can’t explain how happy and relieved we both got.

So he came home and since then has gotten better and better everyday. The doctors still don’t know what made him so sick but they have a theory that it might have been borrelia.

I can honestly say it was the worst week of my life. Just the fact that he was so ill was devastating enough but the thought of how much everything would change if he had a chronic illness was even worse.

Luckily everything ended well and now I am dealing with the other serious and time consuming thing in my life – exams. They are being a bitch to be quite honest which also is why I’m not that active at the moment.

But don’t worry! I’m still here and after the 20th I am back in business. Got a lot of stuff to share with you guys 🙂 x

What have you been up to lately?

Hope everyone is well! xx

Lots of love

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Christmas Presents Ideas For Women 2014

christmas pink girly balls

Every single year I find myself rolled up in foster position in the corner panicking about my Christmas shopping. Every. Single. Year. It’s not like it’s my first Christmas so you would think I would have figured out a system by now but noooo. It seems like I go through the same three stages every year.

1) It’s December 22nd and I have bought like 4 % of my presents 2) I have absolutely no idea what to get people 3) I search the internet for ideas but all I get is the basic ‘beauty products for mom’ and ‘socks for dad’. That’s totally fine but I really like to give people something special and comes from the heart.

girly christmas

That is why I have put together a list with different and cool Christmas presents for all the lovely women in our lives!


Jewelry is always a winner. Try to get something with a custom design or something that reminds you of the person you are giving it to. Give it some kind of personal touch. Many shops will engrave jewelry for a small amount of money and it’s a perfect way to make it personal and unique.

Beauty stuff is always a safe choice. Find her favorite brand of nail polishes, choose something luxurious and out of the ordinary for pamper nights, get her makeup that will enhance her natural features or get something cool and different like a curling iron or a book with different DIY beauty stuff or makeup tutorials.

Accessory  is a very versatile present. It can be anything from basic jewelry to phone cases, key chains, hair stuff to amazing bags, shoes and scarfs. There are literally hundreds of possibilities and can be found in every price range.

Books and magazines are always a hit so why not sign her up to get her favorite magazine sent straight to her door every month? If she is really into books or music then getting her a membership for or Spotify is different, thoughtful and shows you know her very well.

Flowers are a girls best friend (oh wait that’s diamonds) but I bet you if you get your mom a beautiful bouquet of  flowers and maybe a little something extra on the side she will love you forever.

The Craft DIY Hair & Beauty by Lou Teasdale


Get her an experience! Physical presents are great but memories isn’t made from putting on a cool nail polish at home but it is if you go and get your nails done together! Think out of the box and give her something you can do together and get some one on one time. It’s a win/win.

Other possible experiences can be

– Go out for brunch/dinner or even drinks and desserts.

– Go to the cinema, the theater or a festival together. Concerts are ALWAYS a great idea.

– Get a makeover! Clothes, hair, make, nails whatever. It’s fun. It’s girly. Everybody wins.

– Do something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t found the time to do it. Can be anything from a spa treatment to put your feet into a bowl of doctor fish (I have no idea what the actual name is for this)


Do-It-Yourself presents are fun, cheap and nothing comes more from the heart than something you’ve spent a lot of time and energy in making.

– Everything that involves pictures and memories are always a hit. Make a poster or collage, go to a photo booth, make a scrapbook of old tickets, pictures, sayings, quotes and whatever you feel like.

– Buy a mason jar or a cute box and fill with little memories, funny stories or inspirational sayings. It’s cheap, personal and will definitely put a smile on her face.

– Make a photo album. These can be done online for a reasonable price if you aren’t a very crafty person and they turn out amazing.

**Fun fact: I have given three albums throughout time to friends and family and they all said it was one of the best gifts they had ever been given. Not because it cost a lot of money but because it’s so personal.

 ♥ ELECTRONICSlight mirror

Headphones (I can HIGHLY recommend Beats by Dre)

– A Polaroid camera

– A nail polish dryer

– A wake up light

– A mirror with built in lights (I can’t imagine life without mine! Hint the overly excited face..)




You need to think about the little things when it comes to finding the perfect gift. Difficult? Don’t worry you are the one who knows her the best — just think about what stands out and what kind of relationship you have. Do you have a lot of insider jokes? Does she like to do stuff together or is she more of a present under the tree type? Is she more of material girl or will she love a funny silly gift?

Does your friend have an insane love for coffee? Well maybe this cup is perfect for her!

Does your aunt have a lot of photos in her house? Maybe she would love to get a photo of you in a beautiful frame!

Does your sister have a quote she lives by? Why not write it down on a pretty bracelet or a on a cool poster for her to hang on her wall?




That’s it for my ideas on Christmas presents – I really hope you liked it and maybe felt a bit inspired 🙂

What’s the best present you’ve ever been given? 


Lots of love

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The Self Love Tag ll

confidence believe in you sayings

I got tagged by the lovely Danielle from Underland to Wonderland to do The Self Love Tag and to be honest I was a bit scared to do it. We’ve all been there and most of us are probably still in the grey area when it comes to confidence and loving yourself. So I thought I would give it a go!

I already did part 1 – hope you like it 🙂 x

11. What piece of advice would you give a child about to grow up with the pressures of today’s media and its crushing expectations?

I would tell them that the only expectations they have to live up to are their own. If you don’t care about what other people think about you then why bother worrying about what they expect of you?

 12. What song puts you in a good mood every time?

It’s impossible for me to just say one! Fireproof and Steal My Girl by One Direction,
Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and Long Way Home by 5 Seconds Of Summer
are probably my favorite songs at the moment for any mood

 13. What is the best advice someone gave you or you realized about life?
I can’t remember any good advice I’ve been given
but I do go by the ‘shit happens’ rule a lot. Not the most beautiful saying in the world but it definitely is true.
14. Who makes you giggle like a giggle monster?
My friends, One Direction and my fave YouTubers – lol this is literally my life.
friends friends
15. What is something about society that bugs you that you wish didn’t?

I couldn’t come up with anything I wish didn’t bug me but I HATE that for some reason it’s not okay for teenage girls being really supportive and excited about artists, actors, tv-shows or whatever  but it’s completely fine when grown up men dress up in ridiculous costumes and act like idiots at football games. Like c’mon society grow up.

 16. What is one of your favorite things to do on the weekends?

This is such a cliche but I do enjoy just being around my friends and family. Oh yeah and see my dog Percy. Ever since moving out I miss him so much.

17. What is something you’re really proud of that you’ve done?

Being only 21 I have traveled quite a lot to various places and done things not many 21 year olds can say they have. That is something I am very proud of to be honest.

sri lanka elephants

Sri Lanka 2014

18. What is one of your favorite memories with a friend?

Something I will never forget was being at the One Direction concert in June this year with my best friends – I just remember the feeling and the excitement we all shared when the boys stepped out on stage. I especially remember how me and Cecilie was just freaking out together jumping up and down. It was so awesome sharing that moment together.

19. What advice would you give someone who needs a boost in confidence?

If there is something in your life you aren’t happy about – change it. No one can do it but you.

20. Lastly, how do you plan on investing in self-love?

I don’t really feel it’s something you actively do – for me loving myself is being comfortable in my own skin and acknowledging who I am and what I stand for. I don’t try to be anyone but me and so far it has worked out pretty well.

But a little shopping spree here and there, concert tickets, movie nights with friends or just home alone pamper nights are definitely some of the things I will NEVER give up on as they make me a happier me.

I mean… You can’t have self love without a little happiness, right?

 girly sayings

Now you – what do you consider self love?  Do you have it?

I am nominating the lovely

Marie from

Hazel from

Misha from

Jessica from

India from

to do The Self Love Tag with me because
no matter who you are and what kind of blogger you are
you gotta have self love x


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