Life Happened

Hi peeps x

I don’t know if any of you have noticed but I have been pretty absent on here and on my other social medias the past few weeks and I thought I’d let you know why.

Last week my dad got very ill and went back and forth to the hospital but was just sent him home with the flue. Thursday it culminated and he had to be admitted to the hospital because he was in so much pain. I rushed home from uni to help my mom deal with everything and to go visit my dad. It was horrible seeing him so weak and helpless.. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong which just made us worry even more that it was something far more serious than a flue.

However the doctors found out he had pneumonia but that didn’t explain the severe pains he had in legs and arms. In the meantime I moved back home to help out in the house and to support my mom. Sunday morning as I was getting ready to go to work my grandma called my mom saying she felt really ill and we had to call 911.

I called off work and my mom and I rushed to get home to my grandma. Luckily she was okay by the time paramedics came but they still wanted to take her to the hospital to get checked out. I got to go along in the ambulance and had a very nice chat with the paramedic. We talked a lot about my dad and his situation and he gave his point of view. It was really comforting talking to him as he told me things the doctors at the hospital didn’t. I know it was just thoughts and theories but it made me feel less stressed and worried. So thumbs up for the nice paramedic.

So there we were – my dad in one hospital and my grandma in another.

As my mom and I left the hospital to go see my dad I got the best text I’ve probably ever gotten – “When you come to visit me it’s to pick me up and bring me home”. I can’t explain how happy and relieved we both got.

So he came home and since then has gotten better and better everyday. The doctors still don’t know what made him so sick but they have a theory that it might have been borrelia.

I can honestly say it was the worst week of my life. Just the fact that he was so ill was devastating enough but the thought of how much everything would change if he had a chronic illness was even worse.

Luckily everything ended well and now I am dealing with the other serious and time consuming thing in my life – exams. They are being a bitch to be quite honest which also is why I’m not that active at the moment.

But don’t worry! I’m still here and after the 20th I am back in business. Got a lot of stuff to share with you guys 🙂 x

What have you been up to lately?

Hope everyone is well! xx

Lots of love

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