if your dreams dont scare they arent big enough

It’s currently 01.39 am and I can’t sleep. The past few weeks I’ve been seriously struggling to fall asleep and it might have something to do with the millions of thoughts running through my head.

The past 10 days I spent writing my first two exams in university which was exhausting, nerve wracking and to be honest really hard. Writing a six page essay in a course you’ve only had for two and half months isn’t very easy and it was also the first time I’ve actually had to write an essay since I graduated high school in 2012 let alone write an university standard essay. And oh yeah I had to do it TWICE in ten days. Twice people!

It’s crazy how easy it is to fail these types of exams. If you forget to number the pages then boom that’s it. F A I L. Please tell me I’m not the only one finding this to be a bit ridiculous?I won’t get the answers for whether I’ve passed or not until late December so that’s awesome. Happy December to me then. Woo.

On a happier note I got a new phone! (Let’s ignore the fact I got it because I dropped my old one in the toilet last week).

Oh yeah I went to watch the new Hunger Games Mockingjay at the midnight premiere which was a lot fun. Eating tons of candy and popcorn in the middle of the night probably wasn’t the best decision as I fell asleep at like 4am but the movie was really good! I highly recommend it.

Tomorrow is the annual Christmas party at work which should be a lot of fun. 30 girls, cocktails and live music sounds like a good combo, right?

What else is new… Oh yeah I’ve spent like 30 hours per day (yes that’s possible) listening to the new One Direction album FOUR. It’s incredible, you are definitely missing out if you don’t at least give it a listen. My fave tracks are Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Ready To Run, Night Changes and Fools Gold. Btw the Night Changes music video killed me.

So that’s a bit of a late night ramble for you guys. It’s now 01.58 am and I will try to get some sleep.

Love you lots
Tess xx


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