Getting Ready For Christmas

christmas ornament pretty decorations

Eeek! Tomorrow is December 1st and I’m so excited! Can’t believe it’s already here – where did the year go!?

I’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit by making decorations with my mom, eating tons of treats, listening to Christmas songs and I also put some really cute lights up in my apartment. It’s so pretty and festive I am never taking it down. You can’t make me.


Tomorrow I will lit my Christmas calender candle (I have absolutely no clue about what it’s actually called in English or if you even have a word for it. As the matter of fact I don’t even know if you have those kind of candles elsewhere). I will open my advert chocolate calender (who cares I’m a 21 year old living on her own. I need and want a chocolate calender) and dance around singing along to my Christmas playlist before heading of to uni for a project meet up with my group.

Another really cool thing about tomorrow is that I’ve been working in the shop for exactly 5 years! That’s insane. Just shows amazing colleagues is the key to a happy working environment. So grateful for it and them.

Okay back to the Christmas things. I’ve made a Christmas Pinterest board with eeeeeverything christmassy so if you wanna have a look here it is 🙂 I also did a post about different present ideas for women. Hope you like it!

Christmas pinterest ideas board decorations ideas

I have so many exciting things happening in December and I will definitely take you along with me. It will involve loads of baking, cooking, shopping, decorations and lots and lots of other stuff. I just love this time of year xx

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas? xx 

Lots of love

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