The Story About Lacey

I want to tell you a story about someone who meant the world to me. Her name was Lacey. 

Lacey came into my life when I was 8 years old. She was a surprise from my parents and I had no idea until I turned a corner and got jumped by half a dozen of amazing little fluffy black and white puppies. My parents asked me ‘do you want to take one home with us?’. Of course I did and that’s how this little bundle of joy entered our lives.

labrador bordercollie dog puppylabrador bordercollie dog puppy

I remember the day we brought her home and my mom carried her up the stairs to our apartment. When she placed her on the floor she kinda just splat out with all four legs in each direction and just laid there staring at us. She didn’t move for like 20 minutes. She eventually got braver and started following us around. Whenever she got scared or nervous she would run under the sofa and just stay there until it was safe to come out. That ended the day she smashed her tiny head in the back of the sofa because she had gotten to big. I laughed.. a lot.

labrador bordercollie puppylabrador bordercollie dog puppy

My mom came up with the name Lacey (= lazy) as we were told by the lady who owned the mother that she once felt asleep in her bowl. We should have called her Speedy or something cause she was anything but lazy. The first year or so she pretty much terrorized our apartment. She ate everything: the mail, shoes, carpets and even the wallpaper. But she was amazing.

As she grew older her personality did too. There was just something about you couldn’t explain. She was a very loud dog in terms of “talking”. She had a specific sound for everything so we always knew what she wanted. For some reason she loved digging and she could just stand and stare at the ground for minutes and when she got too impatient she would just look up at you like ‘hey c’mon dude I’m waiting over here!’. By the words ‘go get it’ she would just start digging and kinda jumping on the ground whilst howling. Such a weirdo but she loved it.

Lacey 042 Lacey 031

Every morning my mom would call her and just say ‘do you wanna go wake Tess up?’ and she would just bash my door open with her head to go sit by my side and just talk until I turned over and gave her a cuddle. That’s probably one of my best memories with her. It made everyday a bit better knowing she had put a smile on my face from the minute I woke up.

She was my best friend and my partner in crime. Whenever I felt sad and didn’t feel like anyone understood me she was there. No matter what I did, what I said or even how many times I didn’t felt like playing with her or taking her for a walk she still loved me unconditionally. That’s the amazing thing about dogs. They will love you no matter what. If you give them your heart they will give you theirs.

In 2013 she was an old lady. She couldn’t see that well, had diabetes and you could tell her body wasn’t what it used to be. However whenever she was out on the field it was like she hadn’t aged a day. She was her happy self until the very end. The day where we had to say goodbye was one of the worst days of my life. We had to say goodbye to a big part of our family and I had to say goodbye to my best friend. I talked to her saying I love you over and over whilst stroking her head until she closed her eyes. I will never forget that moment.

I will always love her and I miss her every single day.

labrador bordercollie dog puppylabrador bordercollie dog puppy204750_1757158843382_1071308105_1963842_3754001_o

This post is for you to know that someone this amazing has been in this world. It’s a post for me to remember her by and a post to make sure she will never ever be forgotten.

Thank you for reading xx

Lots of love

Tess signature handwritten

Do you have a pet? Tell me about them! They are amazing aren’t they? x


8 thoughts on “The Story About Lacey

  1. Dogs are the most adorable creatures. The amount of unconditional love they give you is magical. Their affection is pure and unbiased and they certainly are your friends for a lifetime . I loved your post and Lacey looks absolutely adorable.


  2. The moment I read “Her name WAS Lacey” I teared up now after reading it I’m almost crying. 😥
    Pets and the love they give you/you give them make me so emotional.
    Love the story and such an adorable dog! ♥


  3. I absolutely understand you! I had a dog for so many years and he passed away almost 2 years ago. Dogs are such lovely and caring animals, they really are a member of the family. I think it is so great that you did this post, you will remember her forever and she’ll always be with you on your blog! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Such a lovely comment thank you!

      It’s so hard when they’re gone but at least they were in our lives to begin with! Can’t imagine my childhood without Lacey and I’m just so thankful she was in my life xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. such a beautiful post, Lacey sounds like such an amazing dog! They really do become your best friends and family, personally I thinks animals give us something people never will and thats why our bonds with them are so important! Thanks for sending me the link. Lots of Love.


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