Hallelujah Finals Are Done

Never in my life have I been looking forward to Christmas
break more than I have this year.

done with finals meme

Hi peeps x

This was my first semester in university and oh my god it’s been long and yet it has gone by so fast. About a month ago I had two written exams in the courses I finished this semester and this week I found out I passed them both! *insert happy dance*. Didn’t get much critique which I am very excited about. I was so nervous about them as they where my first finals and just the first time in general I had to hand in an essay at uni. I am proud of myself and my friends I gotta admit.

done with finals exams meme

After the individual exams we had our semester project to finish. We were a group of 7 people who wrote about self presentation through social media which has been so incredibly fascinating and interesting to write about. I have a huge passion for social media so this was a match made in heaven for me. Yesterday we met up at 9 am and as the day progressed our sanity and concentration just went down hill. There was a lot of laughs, lot of rambles, few arguments about whether or not to use colons and of course the mandatory group selfie.

It could go from ‘YEEEESS WUUHUU’ to ‘omg this is never ending’ in 0,2 seconds but at midnight it was just pure happiness overload. 100 pages were submitted and we. were. done.

done with finals exams meme

Now it is time to one thing and one thing only.. CHRISTMAS BREAK!
Happy days. Hallelujah for that.

tess signature handwritten


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