My New Years Resolutions

happy new year

Be the best daughter, friend and student I can be

Take better care of myself in terms of confidence

Get a study relevant job in the music business

Do at least three blog posts per week 

Take more pictures

Do more of what makes me happy

Appreciate and spend time with friends and family as much as possible

Spend my time wisely instead of procrastinating everything I do

Be better to listen to myself and my own needs

Do something I’ve always dreamed of doing

Travel whenever there’s an opportunity

 Take chances and not just play it safe


Become truly happy

tess signature handwritten


3 thoughts on “My New Years Resolutions

      • How funny. I’m from the US and always want to go to Europe. There’s so much to see in America. Hope you’re able to make it out here. I know everyone wants to go to NYC when they come to the US, but Boston and Philadelphia are pretty cool places to be too.

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