28 thoughts on “Blogger Chats On Twitter

  1. I love joining in with chats! I’m terrible at remembering exactly when they all happen, but I generally manage to stumble across at least one a week. They’re such a fun way to have a chat with like-minded people. It’s really nice how equal it all is- if you’re just following the hashtag on twitter, you can’t really see how big people’s blogs are, or how long they’ve been blogging. I don’t even really take any notice of how old people are or what they actually blog about- I generally discover all that after the chat when I go and visit links!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog


    • Exactly! Everyone is equal and it’s not about numbers or popularity. It’s just a chat amongst friends 🙂

      I always forget about them hint why I made this post so I totally understand you! 😀


  2. I honestly think these chats are so important, I get something out of them every time I join in – be it new friends, new followers or great tips. Hopefully run in to you in an upcoming one! Might hit the #lbloggers one if I have time tonight!


  3. Found your blog through a Twitter chat so they do work for finding new blogs. I do enjoy them but it can be so difficult to keep up with the conversation! any tips?



    • Well I don’t think you can do much better than you already do. It’s impossible to read every single tweet especially in the bigger chats like #lbloggers or #bdib. What I do is to make sure I tweet my own answers in the beginning of the chat and I comment on others as well. That makes it a lot easier to be a part of chat and not just an observer. If you don’t do it or maybe don’t notice the chat before is halfway done it’s hard to “interrupt” and become a part of already ongoing conversations.

      I’ve seen many bloggers use tweetdeck doing chats which can be helpful especially when it comes to reading your mentions whilst keeping up with the chat itself. I’ve used it once myself and it’s definitely easier 🙂

      Hope it helped you!


  4. Great post, so handy even for old bloggers because I think we all forget! I love the chats, meet such lovely people, get tips and have a general natter!



  5. Absolutely LOVE Twitter chats! It really helps you get involved in the blogging community, make new friends, learn new things and discover new blogs…which is actually how I found yours! 😀 Great post girl!

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M


  6. This is EXACTLY the kind of info I needed! You laid it out so well and put in the perfect amount of info in it without over doing it! Thank you so much for this!! ❤

    Ordinarilyquirky.blogspot.ie Learner of love. Appreciator of life. "Learn from your mistakes, or better yet, mine!"


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