Meet the Blogger #Q&A

 Everyone loves a Q&A (I know I do)


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Q: What made you decide to start blogging in the first place, and where you would you like to see your blog go this year?

A: I decided to blog because I have a huge interest in the whole #teaminternet community and wanted to be a part of it in my own way. For me writing and getting creative is like an escape from reality which is something I need quite a lot. This year I hope to keep evolving and create content people enjoy and makes me happy as well. If I can make just one person smile by reading my posts then that’s all I can ask for!

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Q: What’s your favourite thing about being a blogger?

A: The creativity of making something unique and different, something that is just ME. Besides that the community is the absolute best part. Met some amazing friends from all over the world, people I would never even know exists if it wasn’t for blogging. How amazing is that?

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Q: What would you say is the best song that describes yourself? 😉

A: These is literally the hardest question of the bunch.. The only song that kept popping up is ‘Diana’ by One Direction. People may find it weird because “lol it’s a boy band bla bla bla” you know the usual stupid talk but the lyrics pretty much describe the last 3 years of my life perfectly.

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Q: Have you ever been heartbroken?

A: Yes, I have. Naaaat fun.

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Q: What would be your superhero name, what outfit would you wear, and what would be your superpower?

A: My super power would be to bring coffee, Netflix and unlimited treats for broke, sleep and fun deprived students 24/7. I would probably wear something like this and I would answer to the name Super Nerd! (I’m such a dork.. *slams head on desk*)

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Q: Are you a coffee or a tea person? xx

A: Neither! I don’t like the taste of coffee, I do not get the point of tea (hot water with little taste? Don’t get it) AND I don’t like drinking hot beverages. I’m a weird human being,  I know.

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Q: If you could visit any 5 places in the world, where would you go ? 🙂

A: New York, Los Angeles, Australia, South America and Harry Styles’ bedroom.

Q: One hobby/skill you envy and would love to take on?

A: Don’t we all wanna sing like Adele and not just sound like a drowning cat whenever we open our mouths? On a more serious note songwriting is a skill I admire and would love to take on. Music is so important to me so being able to write it myself would be incredible.

Thanks for the questions you lovely people. You rock.

Got more questions for me? Drop them down below pweeease.

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10 thoughts on “Meet the Blogger #Q&A

  1. Oh I have to say, I really love how you’ve laid this out! Looks so professional 🙂
    I have a Q&A scheduled to go up tomorrow and it looks awful in comparison! hahah

    Love your superhero personality too, my kind of superhero!



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