19 thoughts on “What’s On My Playlist

  1. I am actually secretly becoming to love one direction, I really did used to hate them but their new songs are SO good! I am sorry I hate megan trainor though 😦 I feel bad but the songs just irritate me, I think it’s because I use spotify and things get really overplayed xx

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    • Yeeees welcome to the fabulous life of being a One Direction fan! 😀
      I’m not particular fond of Meghan Trainor but I do think Lips Are Movin and All About That Bass is really catchy tunes.
      Nothing ruins a song more than being overplayed. such a shame as it not the song’s fault it gets annoying.


  2. Loving your music taste. I have overplayed Blank Space so many times (i kind of wish Taylor didn’t release it as a single because I didn’t interpret it at all like she did so it kind of changed it for me, weird?)
    Also I know this is a unpopular opinion but i cannot handle Sam Smith, everyone talks about how talented and beautiful he is and honestly he just sounds like a winey little complainer – he’s songs actually give me disproportionate rage.
    Kelsey x


    • Thanks Kelsey 😀 Always a bit nerve wracking sharing your music with other people. People always judge when they names like the ones I linked to like One Direction for example.

      I actually did not like Blank Space at all when I first heard it but now I’ve gotten use to it and it’s so damn catchy! How did you interpret it?

      Haha I actually get how you feel about Sam Smith. When he first released Money On My Mind I was just like be quiet you and then the same with the very overplayed Stay. But after discovering Like I can I’ve completely changed my mind. He is really talented, but his songs are quite.. emotional haha.

      Tess x


  3. I’m OBSESSED with Uptown Funk, Blank Space and Lips Are Movin right now! One of them is always stuck on repeat in my head and I can’t help but sing along haha.


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