My Life On A Shirt

I might as well come clean with you guys.. I have an addiction. I am a board obsessed, mentally unstable Pinterest-addict who has no problem spending hours and hours a day pinning away whilst looking for the perfect spring outfit, the best quotes and lyrics, or delicious recipes. One day I stumbled upon the world of funny shirts that pretty much describe my life better than I can myself AND I LOVED IT.

Can you relate to these shirts as much as I can?

And you wish you had a superpower to postpone “morning” until 2 p.m

LAZY is a strong word...I won't mention who I think of when I read this but others will know, LOLMe

Bands. Concerts. Music. = life shirt

will work for concert tickets funny shirtFunny Way To Say Netflix

If Your Single & You Know It Pet Your Cat shirt

The 30 Most Articulate Shirts Of All Time - BuzzFeed Mobile

CDO (Alphabetical OCD) funny shirt

These shirts are just a few of my favorites. I have complete board with stuff I need in my life including a bunch of these shirts and many more! If you wanna see them you can right here, and if you fancy following my Pinterest in general click right here. Thaaaanx.

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