10 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. I’ve only watched the film once and that was with my niece at christmas, but obviously heard the song a lot. I really wish i could relate and I do love disney a lot but I just don’t think it touches me in the same way 😦 wah sorry xxx


    • That’s totally fine 🙂 you can’t win them all 😉 x First time I saw it I wasn’t impressed myself, thought it was really hyped, but after watching it a few times I actually realized it’s quite funny and sends a really good message 🙂


  2. Yes, music is the universal language! No matter what type it is. I enjoyed this article. I usually stick to my normal, boring reviews (similar to ones I write), and it was refreshing to step outside of the box and look at music found in Disney.


  3. I’ll admit, I hated the idea of Frozen! I don’t like disney films or when people break into song every 5 seconds but I watched it when I was hungover and there was nothing else on my laptop to watch and actually loved it. The songs, the girl power, I think it’s a brilliant movie for children to look up to, especially girls. And I loved how they ridiculed the usual disney films that shows women falling in love with a guy they just met!



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