Healthy Banana Pancakes


Healthy Banana Pancakes

As it’s national pancake day I thought why not try and make a healthy alternative to the deliciousness that is pancakes. This recipe doesn’t contain any flour or white sugar, but is still sweet from the bananas.

They only take 15 minutes to make, and are perfect for breakfast, brunch with the family or a part of your lunch as little treat. They are healthy and you only need a few to feel full. Not too bad, right?

You need (for 4 people)

2 eggs

4 dl rolled oatsย (I used muesli, worked just fine)

2 ripe bananas

1,5 dl low fat milk

Optional: vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate chips or whatever you like. (Just remember the pancakes are already sweet)

How to

Mush the bananas in a bowl.ย Add oatmeal, eggs, milk and whatever flavor you like and whisk til combined (or use a blender if you want a smooth batter). Heat up a pan on low to medium heat and add a bit of oil. Use a tablespoon and make 2-3 pancakes at the same time. If you make them too big, they are hard to flip without them breaking. Cook each pancake 1-2 minutes on each side. Tip! Let the pancake cook the longest on the first side to avoid breaking. When they are golden and set, they are done!

For serving add some berries on top as a contrast to the sweet banana pancakes.

Enjoy! Let me know what you think ๐Ÿ˜€

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