If I Won The Lottery

If I Won The Lottery

 Last week a lady in my hometown won the biggest prize ever to be won in Denmark – 315 million Danish Kroner which is almost 31 million pounds (!). That is an insane amount of money, and to me the absolute worst part of it is, that she bought the ticket in the supermarket where I usually do my shopping – IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME. I know I know, envy is an ugly thing, BUT HOW WOULD YOU FEEL.

However the big topic this week, no matter where I went, has been the prize and more specifically what would you have done if it was you? I would:

  • Cry and laugh (and then probably cry a bit more)
  • Say sayonara to university, burn my books and never look back
  • Give my parents a big fat check so they could quit their jobs and just enjoy life
  • Go on the biggest shopping spree the world has ever seen (clothes, makeup, shoes, bags, basically anything and everything)

  • By a killer apartment with a killer view near my hometown
  • By a first class ticket to LA, Australia, Fiji, ANYWHERE NICE AND HOT, and bring my family and best friends and have the best holiday ever
  • Buy a place in London and the States because how freakin’ cool would that be!
  • Travel the world for a year or two

What would YOU do?

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7 thoughts on “If I Won The Lottery

  1. No way?! Not gonna lie I would be so jealous too she should have shared it 😉 I would love the feeling of just owning a home and paying all bills off literally simple things in life are when money really means everything xx


    • Okay, for some reason I haven’t seen your comment before now, I’m sorry!

      But yeah I couldn’t agree more. Not having to worry about money would make life so much simpler.


  2. ahh I would totally travel the world too! For a couple of years. I would buy all the expensive purses I have never been able to buy. I would buy lots and lots of pumps. I would buy my parents a house. I would buy myself a house lol and then I would dedicate to giving to non profit organizations. Wouldn’t that be the life?


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