My Bucket List #1

Bucket List

Having a bucket list is like making a promise to yourself. A promise of experiences, happiness and excitement. A promise of living life how YOU want to live it, and making the most of the time you have in this world. Nothing is more terrifying to me than ending my life with lots of regrets and what-ifs, and I strongly believe that we should always strive to live and not just to be. I know how easy it is to be stuck in the same old routine, doing the same thing day in day out, and that’s where the bucket list comes in. A bucket list turns your dreams into goals, and gives you something to work for and look forward to.

Creating my bucket list made me so excited and enthusiastic about the future, and I highly recommend you to make your own. Write down anything you can think of, big or small, it doesn’t matter. Just do it!

I am gonna share my bucket list with all of you guys in a series of posts. I hope it inspires you make your own list, and motivates you to live the life you want πŸ™‚ (as cliche as that may sound).



My favorite flower since like forever is the tulip, and since Holland is known for its fields of tulips, I HAVE to see them some day. Just look how pretty they are!


When I was in Thailand a few years ago I released two lanterns in memory of my granddads, who I had recently lost to long term illnesses. It was an emotional time for me, and I was still grieving. Releasing the lanterns was a part of my healing process and became a symbol of letting go. One day I want to go the lantern festival in China and release a lantern in loving memory of the people I’ve lost.


How awesome would that be!? Imagine just laying in bed and a shark swims by! When I snorkeled in the Maldives I was amazed by the underwater world, but felt really out of my depth (no pun intended) and panicky. Staying in a underwater hotel would be the best of both worlds! I’m safe and sound and I get to watch the pretty fish swim by. Win win situation. Now I just need to win the lottery and off I go!

What’s on your bucket list?

Lots of love




18 thoughts on “My Bucket List #1

    • I’ve never heard about Petra in Jordan, have to look into that!
      Nepal are supposed to be so amazing! New Zealand too! I’m too scared to bungee jump but if I get the chance I wanna try it πŸ˜€

      Tess x


  1. How cool would an underwater hotel be!! That’s totally on my bucket list. I find doing huge whole life bucket lists really tough but I’m currently putting together a little summer bucket list which I’m really enjoying writing. Plus hopefully it will mean I make the most of this summer! x

    Jasmin Charlotte


    • They are so cool, I have try that one day! πŸ˜€
      It IS really tough that’s why I do it a bit at a time πŸ™‚
      Tweet me when you’ve posted, I would love to read it!



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