What Do Strangers Think Of You?

What Do Strangers think of you

If there is one thing I’m good at it’s seeing my flaws instead of my strengths. We always want what we don’t have, and we never seem to be satisfied about ourselves, and that’s such a shame. What we see depends mainly on what we look for. The world can be such a judgmental place, so why are we so critical towards ourselves and the way we look, talk, move, act? If someone calls you stupid, you wouldn’t believe them, right? Then why do we believe it when it’s our outside that’s being judged? Our body is the only one we have, we might as well love it and appreciate it for what it is.

Confidence is important in every aspect of life, and no one should feel bad about themselves in any way. We are who we are, and we look they way we look. Just embrace it.

I stumbled upon the video below on YouTube and immediately knew I had to share it. It’s insane how much we put ourselves down, when in reality our “flaws” might be what makes us beautiful to everyone else.

The next time you see a girl with pretty hair, a woman with the perfect winged eyeliner, or a guy with the cutest dimples, go tell them! You never know how much of a difference you can make to that one person. It might just help them see their flaws as something beautiful.

Imagine how you would feel if someone came up to you and gave you a compliment – would you believe it? Or would you think they were messing with you? Confidence is up to you, the choice is yours. 

Lots of love


10 thoughts on “What Do Strangers Think Of You?

  1. This was such a lovely video! I find it incredible how differently we see ourselves compared to how strangers see us. Like these people and yourself, I’m really good at seeing my own ‘flaws’, while only see good things in other people. These days, if a friend looks really good I make sure to tell them! Same with people I don’t know so well if I like what they’re wearing. A compliment can really make someone’s day or week!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog


  2. I love this post, Tess! I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I hate how I put myself down so much. It’s hard to try and change your thinking to treat yourself like you would treat others/see yourself how others see you. Its a process!

    Chrissy x


  3. That was a great video.. People tell me that I have a beautiful smile, but some of them also say that I don’t smile enough. I feel like I always have a cloud over my head and it’s getting really tiring. Also, when people compliment me, I have a tendency to shut it down. For example, “hey, nice hair.” To that, I would say, “uhm, it’s unwashed.” Afterwards I think to myself, “why can’t you just say thank you?”


    • That’s exactly my point! We have to be better at believing when other people compliment us!

      Did you notice that you wrote ‘but’ in your second sentence like it was something negative? People telling you to smile more is positive, they want to see your beautiful smile! It’s all down to the little things like saying ‘and’ instead of ‘but’ to think more positive about ourselves 🙂 x

      Thank you for your lovely comment!


  4. Hi Tess!

    Thank you for sharing this – it’s really cool 🙂 I wish it was possible to do the same thing for how people think about their personalities too. The video brushed on it because the stragers’ first impressions were both physical and how nice or fun the other person might be, but I found myself wanting to see more!

    Mathilde x


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