What Even Was May?


HOW is it already June? Like seriously, I cannot deal with how fast May has gone. April too for that matter. Now, I think I have some explaining to do. I have been pretty MIA this month in terms of posting here, on Twitter and on Instagram. I wrote a post about it, and then I posted a ton right after. Made no sense, but oh well, you know me. Full of surprises. So in true me style, I hereby give you my life in May in one post. I promise I’m gonna get better at spreading it out. I hope.

Photo: We Heart It

Photo: We Heart It

May 2nd
Wow now that I think about, May has been full of cool things. First cool thing was meeting the lovely Sofie from It’s Just Sofie in Copenhagen for lunch and a lovely chat. If it wasn’t for blogging, we would never have talked, and that would be a shame. See ya next month, Sofie! 😉

May 10th
For Mother’s Day, me, my parents and my grandma went out for dinner at a new restaurant in Copenhagen called ‘Flammen’ (The Flame), which had the most insane grill buffet with stuff like kangaroo and crocodile. That was awesome.

May 12th
5 SECONDS OF SUMMER! Oh my god, I can’t believe I haven’t talked about it before! I bought the tickets for me and Cecilie last year as her birthday present, and it was the best present ever. The guys was so good live, I was really impressed with them. The stage setup was great, the crowd was great, the show was great. It was all great.

5 Seconds Of Summer

May 24th
In my hometown we have an annual tradition called ‘Ølløb’ which means ‘beer run’. I’m thinking about doing a whole post about it, so stay tuned for all the details, but basically it’s 5000 young people walking from one town to another having a party. I had such a good day with my friends, the weather was amazing (doesn’t happen a lot around here, so the excitement was real) and had a fun night as well. The hangover the next day is debatable though.

Ølløb 2015

May 26th
We handed in our 100+ pages long exam project two days early, which I was very chuffed with. We’ve been working on it since February and the feeling of finally being done (and free) is indescribable. Now I still have two oral exams to go and that’s it for this semester. I also got my other exam results back, and I passed all of my written exams! *pad self on the shoulder*.

May 27th
Had a lovely mother-daughter-day in town, did some shopping, ate the most incredible lunch. OH MY GOD I just realized what happened that day too. Haha stream of consciousness all over this post. Me and my mom went to a clairvoyant that night, and hands down that was the most insane thing I’ve ever experienced. Like oh my god. Post will come, I have to share it.

So that’s it, that’s my May! How has your month been?

Lots of love


6 thoughts on “What Even Was May?

  1. I bet 5SOS was so amazing I would love to see them live! And I’m excited to read about your clairvoyant experience I’ve always wondered about that:)


  2. Was meeting you really in May? It feels like such a long time ago! I was so happy to see that you included me in this haha, thank you so much! It really was the nicest day, can’t wait to see you again very soooon! xxx


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